Xbox 360 Gaming Achievements

Microsoft wisely implemented an achievement system into it’s “next generation” gaming titles.  Accomplishing certain tasks, often in a certain way grants you a set number of “gamer-points” that are attached to your profile.  They are tracked and displayed in your gamer-card and on  Each time you get one it triggers a lovely chime and a icon with the dialog of your momentous accomplishment. 


When this was initially discussed I never thought I’d care, but like many I find the achievements a huge incentive to play a game more thoroughly or at all.  I’m currently a pretty low scorer at 5655 (each game is allotted a total of 1000 points) but each time I hear that bell I smile.

One of the many things that disturbs me about this is the fact that I sometimes think twice about playing a handheld or non-360 title as it will be “a waste of time.”  There is nothing more ridiculous then staying up late to complete a goal to get an achievement lest I retire not having “accomplished anything.”  It’s an absolute embarrassment and I don’t know WTHF my problem is, but I don’t see it going away anytime soon.   

Even in death I remain a loser. 

Gumdrops, WTF? *

Gumdrops Visual SimulationGumdrops are the kind of product that works on paper but fails miserably in reality.  Pictures of gumdrops look delicious, as I’m writing this my mouth is watering.  False advertising indeed.

However, gumdrops taste horrible, are only available in the homes of the elderly and have an odd salt looking sugar coating.  Furthermore, every time I eat one I leave a tooth behind.  Gumdrops; just like communism only less delicious.  

*Side note: I’m not a big fan of internet memes. I find them cutsie, tired and unoriginal.  However, I’m not a big fan of typing either so you will see me acclimate to the world wide internet web-i-site’s stupid language by using such acrothings in my posts.  From this point forth, WTF? will be replaced by WTHF? with the “H” standing for “H-E-double hockey sticks” as it’s closer to something I’d actually say with my mouth hole.

Post One: State My Intentions

Prepare to be amazed with insight from beyond the grave on the things you care about.   

The living spend so much time obsessing on death.  I find this habit highly insulting as death is dreary, boring and highly overrated.  With so much greatness in the world, I intend to focus on highlighting and discussing the things that I find interesting such as popular culture, customs, habits, music, internet webpages about boring things disguised as being written by dead people, parasols, criminal masterminds, logs, salad tongs, piggy banks, punctuation, condiments, aerosols, sticks, record albums, giant vegetables, love, Arthur Treatures brand fast food fish things, intelligence, moonlight and foot toes.