Me thinks I’ve just been dumped via text!!!

Not sure who it is though.  It’s certainly not my wife, she adores me.

Today I received some messages from a number I don’t know, these are their words…

3:02 – “the fact that u can throw this whole thing out the window repeatedly is backseat [sic] is something”

3:05 – “pls ignore message…not important…have a nice life”

3:23 – “sorry bout that…those previous messages were unnecessary…this cannot be repaired…it is tossed aside to [sic] easily…time to move on for good..”

MY REPLY: 3:52 – “FINE THEN!!!  See if I care, I’ll tell the world about u still being a nasty ass bed-wetter and how I did your dad that day when you was ballin’ anyways.  C’est la vie, ya prick!”

Making friends IS easy!

3 comments on “Me thinks I’ve just been dumped via text!!!

  1. Greg Nichols says:

    You’re so backseat, Jaleeb.

  2. jaleebcaru says:

    I guess I am, Greg. Getting this message really opened my eyes to how backseat I am. Now I can work on bettering myself until I am a frontseat man. Soon, I will be bona fide and she or he will have to take me back. Then we can both go off and have a grand time at the grammar rodeo.

  3. karla medina says:

    Very funny. I’ve. Just read your interview on spreadshirt and I must say you are a very interesting person. Take that as a compliment because there aren’t many people I find interesting. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs. Keep up the great work.

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