A List of Band / Company / Team Names

I enjoy making lists. It’s safe to say, I enjoy making them far more than you will enjoy reading them.

When I recently needed to suggest a name for an improvised comedy group, I took a few quick sittings to come up with some stupid stuff briskly and without judgement.

Since these will likely never be used, I’m just going to put it here in alphanumeric order on account of preservation…

Above the attic, on the roof
Applebee’s Corporate Office
Beverly’s Delectables
Bigger than a Redbox
Blood Olive
Bras are for Girls
Cake Boss Kate Moss
Cart cart go!
Champion Charles
Chunky frames of minds
Corpses on Parade
Delirium Decorum
Die Pie Desert party
Dilly Dally: Lehigh Valley
Doris Day of the Dead
Dr. Treehorn’s Understudy
Drain Pipe Orchestra
Drake is the BEST!
Duran Duran Dodge Durango
Elf MILF Filth
Fork United
Four Person Quartet 4
Frankenstein Says “Bogus”
Friends of Foes
Genuine Valentine
Ghost Knees
Go! Goat! Go!
Godfeet Nathaniels
Grape Tracheotomy
Graze Anatomy
Hands For Feet Track-meet
Handsome Grandson
Hang Ten Zen
Happy-time Meatball
Hardy Boys’ Mother’s Toys
Hate is 4 Horses
Her Majesty’s Gorilla
Holiday Warzone
Infinity Decor
Insufficient Funs
Joni Loves Bocci
Krunk in the TrunK
Let’s Build a Rocket!
Let’s Eat the Terrordome!
Life Sentences
Link is Zelda
Liquid licorice
Madea’s Improv Orchestra
Mark and the Marksmen
Maximum Maxmillion Jr.
Maximum Tremendous Power
Mega Ace Champion
Metallica’s Saint Anger
Minister Captain Hat
Monkey Knows Best
Muddy Waters Thirst Control
My Magazine Article
Nikki Montage
Oh, Pickles!
One Man’s Junk
One Zillion Rat Droppings
Outlets be Surprised
Parameter of Doom
Peanut Effigy
Petty Gash
Phony Baloney Scarecrow
Registered Trademark Eleven
Revenge of Vengeful Caroline
Rhode Scholar Initiative
Ricen Beans
Rob wears Glasses
Room with a Poo
Saints and Sinners’ Lunch and Dinners
Salad Bucket
Salamander Row
Salt N Pepa of the Earth
Saxophone Stu
Scary Lady
Schematic semantic
Science 4-5-3-2-1
Sergent Romance
Shakespeare Lionheart
Socrates Local Union 1138
Specialty Store
Steak and Steak Lunchbreak
Stillwater Lemon Slides
Stony Mountain Sing-song
Stray Cats for Mathematics
Stump the Trump
Superficial Sam Strikes Again
Tabernacle Sunshine Initiative
Tadpole Mafia
Take Five, Stay Alive
Take toot
Taste the Painbow
Taxi Driver Foxtrot
Telephone Machine
Templeton on Rye
Tennis Shoes
The Agenda Armada
The Baseball Players Society
The Fabulous Fornicators Haircut Parade
The Fantastic Detectives
The Girl with the Dragon Shampoo
The Lanyard Instruction Center
The Pussy Police
The Serious Time Crapshow
The Sgt. Lionheart Trio
The Supremes
The Talented Mr. Ripley
The Terrific Fantastics and You
The Trouble Bubbles
The Very Serious Credentials
The specialists
Thumb War Tony
Tits for Asses brand Molasses
Toadstool for Toddlers
Tora! Tora! Tora! Two
Total totalitarianism tourist advisory
Trampoline Detective Agency
Tree fort
Trigger makes Boom!!!
Truncate McMillian
Ugly Gillespie
Unloveable / Unlikeable / Unbearable
What’s New Pussyfart?
Word Talk Art
Wrapped in Cellophane

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