Saul Goodman Productions T-shirt

At long last, a new shirt has been added to our Breaking Bad Homage section of our SpreadShirt shop.  It’s Saul Goodman Productions!!!


Get yours here, but you better watch out for autograph hounds and paparazzi!

Jaleeb Caru Interview at

It was November, 2010 when SpreadShirt made the mistake of asking me reasonable questions.  My answers? Nonsense (except the eleven sentence quote from the film Airplane!).

But don’t take my word for it, check out the interview here –

FYI: They required an update to the url of my store this year.  It’s now, please alert your relatives and local politicians.

A List of Band / Company / Team Names

I enjoy making lists. It’s safe to say, I enjoy making them far more than you will enjoy reading them.

When I recently needed to suggest a name for an improvised comedy group, I took a few quick sittings to come up with some stupid stuff briskly and without judgement.

Since these will likely never be used, I’m just going to put it here in alphanumeric order on account of preservation…

Above the attic, on the roof
Applebee’s Corporate Office
Beverly’s Delectables
Bigger than a Redbox
Blood Olive
Bras are for Girls
Cake Boss Kate Moss
Cart cart go!
Champion Charles Continue reading

Secret Identity Shirt



When I was 12, I wanted to make this shirt.  Smash cut to 28 years later (not the motion picture by the very same name, but the duration between me deciding to make this shirt and actually doing so), you can buy this shirt.  Time be trippin’.


Available at our RedBubble Shop in the Entertainment / Parody Section.

RETRO JCiD: Uno Tourney 2006


Over at (The Most Magical Place On Earth™) we did a lot of great tournaments and leagues and continue to do so.  While they range from FPS to Racing and beyond, most lack the extreme danger and maximum excitement of the ultimate insanity, Uno.


The second week’s games occurred on 6.6.06 so I was contractually bound to create a terrifying promo.  Instead, I made this…

After the final games concluded, I made a gameplay montage.  People told me a card based video game would not make an exciting montage.


But that’s not all!!!!  Wait until you hear about the prizes…oh the prizes.  Custom bannar for the forum (seen above in super-chromocolor) and a jaw-droppingly beautiful custom avatar, hand crafted by moi if I do say so myself.

Sometimes when life seams hard and you feel like giving up, remember that there is still some glory in this world.  Something fantastical to live for.

More Breaking Bad Shirts!!!


Available at our Breaking Bad Inspired Tee Shop.


Euro Oval Stickers & The Decline of Civilization


Back in ’69 most European license plates looked the same.  So in an effort to distinguish it was required that you apply a sticker with your country code of origin.

Legit Ovals

Later it became cool to put stickers of places your ancestors are from that you’ve never been to because many could only identify with their heritage as they lacked any personality of note.

Identity Ovals

Then it was quiet and suddenly, out of the silence came a shitload of stupid novelty oval stickers that were basically the equivalent of Calvin peeing on something only less funny and more low brow than a “no fat chicks” sticker (which lacks the subtlety of the “free mustache rides t-shirt).  Many even had pictures, can you believe it?  Even worse, plenty were showcasing agendas.

Absurd Ovals

Today, we’ve risen above the bad taste and simply have stickers that are so personalized that they’re unidentifyable.  Is that a football team, a tv show or an internet meme that’s over my head?

WTHF Ovals

Oh it’s your alma mater? Well sir, they owe you an education because you are clearly a dipshit!

Another 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Shirts: Roller Coaster and Face Mask Warning

The game Left for Dead 2 is just ripe with content so I’ve been forced by the powers that force me to make some more L4D2 stuffs.

Now available in the Entertainment / Parody section of my shop. I’ve got another warning sign and the logo, retro style, for the greatest roller coaster in the universes; Dark Carnival’s The Screaming Oak.

Face Masks Save Lives Left 4 Dead 2 Signage Shirt

Roller Coasters Save Lives Left 4 Dead 2 Signage Shirt

More to come.  This game bleeds goodness.