blur Racing: Power-up Shirts

So the game blur comes out tomorrow (5/25/10) on the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. Having played the beta a decent amount, I can say that it is a very fun racing game that covers alot of the stuff that makes arcade racing fun rather than frustrating.

However, it does allow enough customization and require enough skill to make it worth playing over and over. Therefor, everyone should play it and beat me at it (as I know you will). Like Mario Kart, it uses power-ups for fun and fighting.

Now available in the Entertainment / Parody section of my shop. I’ve got some shirts sporting the power-ups.

blur: Power-up Shirts

Here’s a closer shot of the Nitro Power-up T. You can customize the color of the shirt, but I’m not sure how great that would turn out. I’ll make the Shield and Bolt if there’s any interest.


I know I’m all over the Shunt because that’s the only one I know how to use. I stink.

Sometimes when I’m driving…

and someone is following me, real close like.  I pretend that I’m those two hot babes from Cannonball Run and they’re the fuzz.  I generally put on some great music like The Final Countdown, really loud for maximum awesome. 

Then I drive slower so it seems like they’re gaining on me and then I go back to normal speed, but they can keep up with me because their cop car is souped up, mmm…mmmm…good.

These Bleeds?

It’s all fun and games until I end up driving into a swimming pool.  Then it’s just games. One time I was stuck in the car underwater for over an hour. It was the greatest 20 minutes of my life.