Sometimes when I’m driving…

and someone is following me, real close like.  I pretend that I’m those two hot babes from Cannonball Run and they’re the fuzz.  I generally put on some great music like The Final Countdown, really loud for maximum awesome. 

Then I drive slower so it seems like they’re gaining on me and then I go back to normal speed, but they can keep up with me because their cop car is souped up, mmm…mmmm…good.

These Bleeds?

It’s all fun and games until I end up driving into a swimming pool.  Then it’s just games. One time I was stuck in the car underwater for over an hour. It was the greatest 20 minutes of my life.

Liger Match: A Halo 2 Montage

This is a montage of a Halo 2 grudge match between myself and a friend, with Napoleon Dynamite playing the part of me. It’s a bit dated, but I had nothing to bring to the table today so I figured I’d milk this some more. Sue me.

If you sue me I will counter-sue for all the tapioca in Guatemala as this would be a frivolous lawsuit and a waste of the court’s time.  Seriously, what the hell-heck is wrong with you?