My Gizmodo “Ruined Watchmen” Contest Entries

There’s some really funny stuff that people did in an attempt to destroy the Watchmen film, which many people fear will never live up to the comic.

Check it out here.

While I didn’t place, my entries did make it into the “Gallery of Champions” which was an amazing feat as they narrowed down the 300 entries to only a mere 104. Phew.

Here are my entries (cropped and resized for blogability)…





This fourth one is tough to see at this resolution so I’ve linked it to the larger resolution one on Gizmodo. The nine not-so-subtle inserts from right to left Powder, Star Trek Guy Glasses, Devine from Pink Flamingos, 300 Poster, Lauren Hill, Dawn of the Dead remake poster, ceiling lolcat, Spiderbot from Runaway and obviously Marty McFly.

U2 Kan Haz Week Jokez!

There have been many corny internet fads, online banking for example, but none has been as vomit inducing as the lolcat. I don’t know the history, but I’m sure it’s stupid.

The fact is, people took a break from making craft books and started taking cat pictures (and other cutie animals) and putting hilarious statements below them like “What me worry?” only less funny.

Aren't Eye Cute

Probably the best known lolcat resource is the site which looks like it was designed back in the day when Prodigy was the only way to get online by a designer with a spike in his head.

Anyway, everytime you laugh at one of these know that you’re stealing food from a starving baby, you rotten bastard.