RETRO JCiD: Uno Tourney 2006


Over at (The Most Magical Place On Earth™) we did a lot of great tournaments and leagues and continue to do so.  While they range from FPS to Racing and beyond, most lack the extreme danger and maximum excitement of the ultimate insanity, Uno.


The second week’s games occurred on 6.6.06 so I was contractually bound to create a terrifying promo.  Instead, I made this…

After the final games concluded, I made a gameplay montage.  People told me a card based video game would not make an exciting montage.


But that’s not all!!!!  Wait until you hear about the prizes…oh the prizes.  Custom bannar for the forum (seen above in super-chromocolor) and a jaw-droppingly beautiful custom avatar, hand crafted by moi if I do say so myself.

Sometimes when life seams hard and you feel like giving up, remember that there is still some glory in this world.  Something fantastical to live for.

blur Racing: Power-up Shirts

So the game blur comes out tomorrow (5/25/10) on the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. Having played the beta a decent amount, I can say that it is a very fun racing game that covers alot of the stuff that makes arcade racing fun rather than frustrating.

However, it does allow enough customization and require enough skill to make it worth playing over and over. Therefor, everyone should play it and beat me at it (as I know you will). Like Mario Kart, it uses power-ups for fun and fighting.

Now available in the Entertainment / Parody section of my shop. I’ve got some shirts sporting the power-ups.

blur: Power-up Shirts

Here’s a closer shot of the Nitro Power-up T. You can customize the color of the shirt, but I’m not sure how great that would turn out. I’ll make the Shield and Bolt if there’s any interest.


I know I’m all over the Shunt because that’s the only one I know how to use. I stink.

Another 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Shirts: Roller Coaster and Face Mask Warning

The game Left for Dead 2 is just ripe with content so I’ve been forced by the powers that force me to make some more L4D2 stuffs.

Now available in the Entertainment / Parody section of my shop. I’ve got another warning sign and the logo, retro style, for the greatest roller coaster in the universes; Dark Carnival’s The Screaming Oak.

Face Masks Save Lives Left 4 Dead 2 Signage Shirt

Roller Coasters Save Lives Left 4 Dead 2 Signage Shirt

More to come.  This game bleeds goodness.

A New Left 4 Dead 2 Inspired T Shirt To Help Prepare for 11/22/09!

After playing the AMAZING demo for the sequel to Left 4 Dead (one of the finest games I’ve ever played from one of the greatest gaming companies around, VALVe) I had no choice but to drum this one up. It’s one of MANY great signs and touches that really give the game an immersive, yet cinematic feel.  Now available in the Entertainment / Parody section of my shop.

Clean Hands Save Lives Left 4 Dead 2 Signage ShirtClean Hands Save Lives Left 4 Dead 2 Signage Shirt

I’m currently working on two other homage shirts that I plan to complete prior to the launch of the game and I have quite a few ideas for future ones. The world they’ve created just has so much to it that there’s an endless supply of fun shirt ideas.

Xbox 360 Gaming Achievements

Microsoft wisely implemented an achievement system into it’s “next generation” gaming titles.  Accomplishing certain tasks, often in a certain way grants you a set number of “gamer-points” that are attached to your profile.  They are tracked and displayed in your gamer-card and on  Each time you get one it triggers a lovely chime and a icon with the dialog of your momentous accomplishment. 


When this was initially discussed I never thought I’d care, but like many I find the achievements a huge incentive to play a game more thoroughly or at all.  I’m currently a pretty low scorer at 5655 (each game is allotted a total of 1000 points) but each time I hear that bell I smile.

One of the many things that disturbs me about this is the fact that I sometimes think twice about playing a handheld or non-360 title as it will be “a waste of time.”  There is nothing more ridiculous then staying up late to complete a goal to get an achievement lest I retire not having “accomplished anything.”  It’s an absolute embarrassment and I don’t know WTHF my problem is, but I don’t see it going away anytime soon.   

Even in death I remain a loser.